ETX Software Inc. is a Canadian company founded in the fall of 2013. Initial global customer reaction to our products greatly exceeded our expectations. Very shortly after entering the market place, we’ve surpassed 1 million downloads and as of today, we have over 2 million downloads of our applications and over 50 thousand customers bought one of our products.
As we continue developing extraordinary applications, we gain more experience, recognition and many happy customers.
What exactly is it that we do? We create applications for use on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Our goal is to greatly enhance user experience and achieve better use of available technology. We’re specialists in Java, .Net, PHP and relational databases.
ETX was created mainly to satisfy our love for programming, thus we pour 100% of our heart into each and every line of code. 

“Our intention is to make the best quality applications, programs that are user friendly and encourage users to use technology. Our apps are simple enough for anyone to use, while powerful enough to release your natural creativity. We are committed to make sotware that makes a difference. ”

Jozef Jaroščiak
CEO of ETX Software Inc.