DuckDns Update Client

DuckDns Update Client for Windows/Mac/Linux/Solaris
(Windows Update Client for

What does it do?
DuckDns Updater is an open source Windows tray application that allows you to keep your dynamic hostname’s IP address up-to-date (and in sync) with DuckDns DNS service. DuckDns Updater application periodically checks your external network’s IP address and if it detects that your IP address has changed, it will update the hostname setup in your DuckDns account with new IP address. That way you can always reach your home network, because your DuckDNS hostname is kept up-to-date with latest external IP address of your computer. Our application starts automatically with Windows and runs in the background. Once you configure it, you no longer have to worry about it, it does everything automatically. Note: Support for Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris is purely experimental.

Why do I need this update client?
Your computer has a dynamic external IP address which changes quite often (weekly or even daily). This can make it very difficult to connect to home services from an external computer. This application is for those want to connect from work to their home computer using remote desktop (RDP) and also for those who run web server, ftp or a remote media server on their home computer.

Go to, setup a free hostname, mark down your token, insert it into DuckDNS Updater and you’re all ready to go.

Is it really free?
Yes, it’s completely free and it’s open source, released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE – Version 2, June 1991. Application is coded entirely in the Java language using Eclipse and only dependency is on a third party library JSoup. You’re welcome to help out to further enhance this project by visiting it’s GitHub page: If you can’t resist to say thanks, use following donation page:

Download DuckDNS Updater vs1.0.5 (18.July.2015):






Note: Just run the executable file and follow instructions. If you want to auto start DuckDNS Updater with Windows, follow these instructions:

How to auto start DuckDNS Updater with Windows 8

– Right click on the start button

– Select run and type: Taskschd.msc

– Select: Task Scheduler Library

– Create a new task as per following screenshots:

2015-07-18_15-55-36 2015-07-18_15-55-39


DuckDns Updater Tray Icon:

Right Click Options:



Update: DuckDNS Updater was featured by  You’ll find us on their Installation page ( under the ‘windows-gui’ tab.

EXPERIMENTAL – Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris

Application is coded in Java. So, those of you brave enough, should thus be able to run it on any OS for which a JVM exists.

Download JAR:

Once downloaded you can execute DuckDNS Updater by running the following command:

java -jar duckdnsupdater.jar



 Interested in Android version of DuckDNS Updater?


DuckDNS Client for Android
DuckDNS Client for Android is an Android application (service) that allows you to keep dynamic IP address of your Android phone or tablet up-to-date (and in sync) with the DuckDns hostname. DuckDns Updater application periodically checks external network’s IP address and if it detects that IP address has changed, it’ll update the hostname setup in your DuckDns account. DuckDNS is a service similar to dyndns, zoneedit, no-ip, etc. Download from Google Play : Download